September 2016
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This is the web site and the Blog are devoted to my Home Automation projects.  This covers technologies such as: Ubuntu Linux, Elastix PBX, 1-wire, Arduino, RaspberryPi, Atemel and my own bits of software.

I have recently moved to a new location on the island of Westray in Orkney (off the end of Scotland by John O’Groats).

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Slingbox Pro: No Network

Slingbox Pro

Slingbox Pro

Recently, my trusty Slingbox Pro (SBP) disappeared from my network and refused to be addressable by anything.

It dropped out while it was streaming, which was not very helpful.  What had gone wrong with it? and the answer surprised me a little.

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Design Flaw: Nibe Fighter

F1245As regular readers of this Blog will know, I live on a remote Scottish island.  Here, there are a large number of Nibe Fighter ground source heat pumps are installed, along with a good array of other makes and technologies.  Generally these heat pumps are well designed.  However there is a significant design flaw in the compressor control circuit that leaves these heat pumps prone to unexpected failure and a costly repair.

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UK Weather Bomb – Christmas 2014

lightning-1Just before Christmas this year, the UK was hit buy what the MetOffice called a weather bomb. For us it was so much the strong winds, hail and rain, but the incessant lightning strikes.

This lightning caused a significant amount of damage in and around Orkney, including us here on Westray.

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Fluke VR101s Event Monitor Battery Replacement

Fluke Vr101s

Fluke VR101s

The Fluke VR101s is a wonderful little mains event monitoring unit, however the battery lets this units performance down considerably. Installed within the unit, to maintain the event memory during power outages, is a lithium battery. This battery has about a 7year life from the date of installation at manufacture. However, once this battery reaches end of life, the unit is pretty much next to useless.

This short article provides enough information for a competent engineer to replace the battery in such a unit an regain its operational capabilities for very little cost.

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Strand Lighting Level/Polarity Changer

Recently I needed to replace a lighting desk in the theatre of a local school due to damage of the equipment. However, as the dimmer packs were old Strand lighting units, it was not possible to purchase a lighting desk with the same output control voltages that the dimmers needed. So I needed to construct a suitable signal converter.

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